How To Discover Remarkable Opportunities For Link Building In Dull Industries

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Quite simply, link building is the development of links on other websites pointing to your website. Link Building

Amongst amazing articles being written about and distributed, it is not difficult for link builders to get high and dry wondering about how they can compete and improve their marketing strategy.

Most people think that their industry is “dull and boring” and no one would want to read about it. Link building is an art. It is a very challenging aspect of SEO, but also the one most critical to success. No matter how dull an industry is, there are intriguing articles just waiting to be used by an ingenious link builder.

Each business has its fair share of complications and conflicts. Employees want solutions to their dilemmas. All these stories can be made into striking human articles. Human articles are an attraction for bloggers, reporters, authors, journalists and their readers as well.

First and foremost, stop thinking of the industry you are struggling with as “boring”. Only then will you be able to bring to light all the wonderful articles available.

The following 3 tricks are worth a try:

1) Google it! Undergo a News Search and Examine What You Get

You will witness plenty of terrible news articles and PR banalities if you work in a dull industry such as air filters. But the trick here is to be patient and scan through a few stories.


For example: Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) is a nonprofit medical society. Radiology somehow just doesn’t sound as glamorous. The RSNA found a playful way to engage people by staying on top of what’s hot. They posted their own take on the viral Harlem Shake video and jumped on the Superbowl power outage with a funny quip.

This makes for sensational, worthwhile content for link builders. We need to give time to unearth masterpieces like this.


2) Research and Study about Disruptive Companies in Respective Industry 

BB_8-4A disruptive company is a company which uses an innovative idea to improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market.

Disruptive companies pose a great threat to their own industry which is why they get negative coverage and less support. But they are creative and are able to reach out to their audience.

Hence, it would be wise to learn from them.


3) Take Advantage of “Breaking News” Stories

Newsjacking is a technique in which marketers ride existing demands associated with breaking news for exposure.

Small businesses can’t newsjack any story, it has to be related to their space.

You need to be smart enough to include a twist in the tale in real time. Only then will the news media notice you and you may get mentioned in their stories.

Breaking News



“Boring” is in the eye of the beholder. You can always discover and capitalize on opportunities for immense coverage as well as editorial links. It does not matter how dull your industry appears.

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