SEO is an Art as well as a Science

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Most people who know nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) think it’s a piece of cake. All one needs to do is get or make a website, add some content and data on it, and generate as many links as you can from various sources.


  • Well this is not entirely false. This is precisely what you need to do on a macro perspective but when you get deep into it, that’s where the fun and scary part begins.
  • The intricate craft of SEO is mostly not understood my many people and is always interpreted by them in the wrong way, whereas SEO is a very unique and exceptional practice which will help any company get prosperous.


SEO is a form of Art


  • I have come across many talented SEO experts. They are the ones who amalgamate the scientific techniques with creative ideas to find ways to enhance and analyze their strategies based on the algorithm.
  • Art precisely means the sensible use of creativity and skill to imagine the construction of inventive objects.
  • When creativity comes into play with SEO it means that how one should think of different creative ways when it comes to building a marketing strategy that can include design, link generation, social media aspects, content, and PR to achieve the desired results.
  • Creativity with SEO mostly includes the re-vamping of a website’s appearance. The  design needs to attention grabbing so that the visitors are attracted towards the site. They should have a memorable experience on the site. This helps build traffic and business.
  • You need to get creative with your content. You should write content that is creative and interesting for your readers and at the same time find the right allocation for your keywords within the content in the form of articles, videos, blog post, press releases, etc. This helps your site to climb up ranking ladder in the search engine.


SEO is also a Science


  • All websites are different and unique from each other and go through various intriguing optimization obstacles. Each website requires some experiments to be done on them so that they achieve the desired goals. SEO experts follow rigorous techniques, tests, regular monitoring and measurement to know what works best and what does not, as well as to know the progress of the website’s performance and functioning in the search engine rankings because Google will not give you an instruction manual for Search Engine Optimization and how to reach the top of the list.
  • Hence, SEO is a Science because it is a theory or study of dealing with facts and truths laid down as laws in the form of mathematical representations. It involves observation and experiments by following certain guidelines and principles.


The Perfect SEO


  • The current SEO scenario is way evolved that the traditional one because now people are looking at every minute aspect of SEO and how small changes will affect their websites. And in my opinion the ones who manage to perfectly blend the art/creativity and science/methodology of SEO together will end up victorious.

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