9 Frequent Title Tag Errors and How they can be Prevented



Title tags in a website are crucial because of various reasons:

  • A good title tag allows the website to get more clicks from searchers. It appears as the blue link in the search results.
  • Title tags are an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. This aids in the higher ranking of the site when it is searched for.
  • Title tags appear when pages are shared on social networking websites such as Facebook. This makes it significant due to the fact the social media acknowledgements help your website to rank higher when a Google search is conducted.Hence, take the time to enhance title tags on your site.

Take a glance into the leading errors observed with regard to title tags. Avoid them and you’ll taste success. You will also be able to attract more people to view your website.

9 Indications of Lousy Title Tags

1) “Home” or “Home Page” in the title tag

What we want to know is what the page entails and what we get from it. The title tag needs to be helpful. Using “Home” or “Home Page” doesn’t assist searchers or search engines. It is a waste of space as the information provided is not really useful.

2) Title tag including Domain name

Avoid incorporating your domain name in the title tag. The searcher can always take a look at the green URL that appears in the search result before they visit the site.

In other words, it is more crucial to let people know about what you’re offering rather than telling them the URL of your site.

3) Very Lengthy

A maximum of 70 characters will get displayed in the search results. The search engines will show ellipses “…” to indicate that a title tag has been cut off.

4) Very short

It is better to utilize all the space that is vacant to inform people about your website. Ensure that the 70 character limit is not exceeded. This improves your odds for appearing for a combination of various keyword searches.

5) No keywords

Your most important words need to be in your title tag. Provide users with details about your web page. Excluding keywords is a complete no-no.

6) Only the business name

Just including the business name in your title tag will not help your site rank higher. The differentiating factor is the strength and awareness of the company in the target market.

Thus, it would be a better approach to clarify about what the company sells, the location or other relevant details. People will not click on a link that does not stipulate what the company is all about.

7) Neither are the initial words striking nor relevant

More attention is paid to the initial words and the links which appear in the beginning of the search results.  Searchers are very rapid when it comes to scanning the information they are looking for.

Hence, the first few words are given more consideration.

Create a descriptive, keyword-rich title tag. Think out of the box. The text has to be spectacular. Avoid insignificant information. In other words, “Cut the Crap”.

8) Excludes Location

Your title tag as well as content needs to specify the location of your business. This will aid you in targeting clients in a particular area. You have to shed some light for searchers and search engines as well.

They need to be clear about where your company is located. Hence, include your city, region, district or street – whatever is more sensible.

 9) A lot of keywords

From an SEO perspective, placing too many keywords constitutes a practice known as keyword stuffing. Not only will this technique not work but, you may even be penalized for it.

It will be highly unlikely that a user clicks on it as well, for the simple reason that it will look like you have a web page that discusses a little of everything.

It may make your web page title look amateurish and will show little value to the user.

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