What is a Domain Name Server’s Job?

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Eight2DNS is an abbreviation of Domain Name Server.  DNS is a protocol with a specific set of standards for exchanging information on the world wide web as well as numerous personal networks, referred to as the TCP/IP protocol suite.

 DNS Servers and IP Addresses

What it basically does is IP conversion. To be more specific, it converts a user friendly domain name such as “example.com” into an IP rather an Internet Protocol address such as An IP address in an identity, hence it is used by networks to find each other. An IP address is similar to a GPS for the world wide web. Network devices as well as computers use IP addresses for giving direction to the website that you are searching for. It is just like when you want to reach a person, a telephone number is dialed in order to call them. However, it is not required to keep a list of IP addresses just like you maintain an address book. We should be grateful to the Domain Name Server for this. The DNS server handles an enormous database which connects domain names to IP addresses. The information from all the nameservers across the Internet is gathered in a central registry.

A Basic Understanding Of Domain Name Server

Whenever you try to access a site on the internet or send an email, what your computer does is that it utilizes a DNS server to find the domain name that you are searching for. This procedure is referred to as DNS name resolution. In other words, the resolution of the domain name to the IP address is done by the DNS server. For instance, when a URL is entered in a web browser like “http://www.backlinkblog.com”, a small piece of the network connection works to resolve the domain name “backlinkblog.com” into an IP address such as, for the web servers of SEOHost. Eight1 You can even enter an IP address like into your internet browser and avoid the whole process of DNS name resolution. But it is very difficult to remember numbers. You are unlikely to remember IP addresses for all the websites which is why domain names are preferred. We can also get redirected due to the fact that many domains use the same IP address.

How Long Does It Take?

Nameservers on other networks can access information in the central registry up to 8 hours after registering .com and .net domain names and up to 48 hours for all other domain name extensions. This period is referred to as the propagation period.


The Internet would shut down really fast if there were no DNS servers. When the connection is made to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), home network or WiFi Network, some crucial network configuration information is sent to your personal computer or mobile handset. This is done by the router or modem that assigns the network address of your computer. That configuration contains the DNS name servers that are supposed to be used by the device while converting DNS names to IP addresses.

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