The Untold Basic Truths about High Quality Backlinks

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So, you have a website and you are looking to find out how you can get visitors there. Now you want to know what backlinks are and how it can help you but you still understand squat about it! All right, first thing first, get your game on. Get ready to spend some quality time trying to get the best of high quality backlinks to help you out.

Just in case you do not know, backlinks are the URLs of the site that you will share with the world. The more amount of backlinks you have on the web which point to your site, the better will its performance be on the SERPs and better will be the number of visitors that you will get. Lets get a few basic things sorted out before you get along with placing your backlinks anywhere. What many people do not know is that not all backlinks are worth working upon. If you really want to get the real deal, you need to know where you can place the best of high quality backlinks which will help you achieve the results you want. In order to accomplish this, you will need to find out how you can find high PR sites. PR is Page Rank and you will need to find sites that have a high PR on their main index page as well as inner pages. Good PR sites range from 1 – 4. If you know of any sites that have a PR of 5 and above, consider it as gold. Once you have located your high PR sites, it is about time to make high quality backlinks. You will be able to do this onto sites that only allow URLs to be added on their pages. Most sites that will allow you to put your URL on their pages include forums and blogs. So target these first. Check out the high PR sites in these categories and start leaving your URLs in them in the form of blog comments and forum posts. Remember to act as an actual contributor rather than a backlink poster. Once you have cleared out the forums and blogs off your list, approach the other remaining sites personally via email to perform a link exchange with you. At the end of the day, you will be able to spread your URL across a number of high PR sites and in turn get a good number of good high quality backlinks.

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