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Guest posts are an excellent technique for Search Engine Optimization and advertising if utilized correctly. Guest posts on renowned websites increases visibility of your website on the internet.

Guest posting


Advantages of Guest Posts

There are two main advantages of guest posts. The first benefit is that you receive free publicity in front of a new market and you also get a couple of backlinks to your website. You may even get a terrific amount of direct traffic to your website if you write on an extremely famous blog. You will also be able to earn more.

Guest posters post free content to other blogs due to the backlink benefit. The backlink is extremely worthy if  the website ranks well and is within your slot.


Finding Appropriate Blogs for Guest Posting

Finding Appropriate Blogs for Guest Posting

You will taste success once you find great blogs to post on. You need to Google it first. Try searching for valuable blogs that have no problems in accepting guest posts.

Once you discover a good number of blogs, filter out the bad blogs. Numerous ranking services will help you in doing this. After you know that the blog ranks well, go ahead and browse through it. You need to check the quality of the blog.

Next, check if the website is something that you want to be associated with and that it should not be a site that is blacklisted or steals your content.


Write, Publish, Answer

The next step you need to take is actually writing the post. Ensure that you  adhere to the blog’s guidelines before submitting the post. Always remember to include the granted number of backlinks in the article. Never forget this as it is very crucial.

Refrain from submitting the blog immediately even though it is mentioned in their guidelines. You need to be aware of the duplicate content penalty. This restricts you from posting the same blog on more than one website. Also some people actually block your blog and it does not allow you to post the same article on any other website.

Monitor the website on a regular basis after you submit it. This is done to check when your article gets published because most bloggers do not notify you when the articles goes live. So if you do not check daily you may miss it. If you see comments from readers, it would be appropriate to reply.

In case you have decided to guest post frequently, always remember to maintain a record with all the links to your guest posts. Also check them on a monthly basis to ensure that the post has not been removed or to read new comments by readers. You will be really unhappy if the blogger removes your guest post for any reason. Be aware that this might happen. But after some duration, the deleted post is cleaned from the search engine’s indexes. This gives you an advantage of submitting the same article anywhere else and utilize it properly.



Guest posting is extremely powerful. Give it a try. But always remember that quality is better than quantity.

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